Your driveway or parking lot is a significant investment in your property, but unless it's properly maintained it can become a liability.

Big Sky Seal Coating

Protecting your pavement for 29 years

Asphalt begins to deteriorate almost immediately. As asphalt is exposed to oxygen it begins to harden and crack. Cracks in the asphalt enable oxygen and rainwater to penetrate the surface, often into the sub-base, which can damage its strength. As water freezes and melts, the slab heaves and buckles, cracks widen and the asphalt crumbles.

Seal coating protects the asphalt's surface and fills in the voids, thereby reducing its exposure to oxygen, which helps to extend the life of the asphalt.

With seal coating, asphalt is restored to a smooth black color. Seal coated asphalt is also easier to clean, sweep and snowplow.

Locally owned and operated by Brad Rathbun, Big Sky Seal Coating has been preventing damage and repairing asphalt for 29 years.

Replacing and repaving asphalt can be expensive. Seal Coating is an affordable and effective way to extend the life and value of your investment.

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